Fizzenergi Portable EV Charger

Space-Saving Innovation

Fizzenergi Portable EV Charger

Charge on the go with our sleek 38×38 cm design, crafted to fit your life and empower your journey. Experience unparalleled convenience in a compact form.
Refuel your electric vehicle at home, work, or on the road. Embrace the future of charging and leave the constraints of charging stations behind.

Portable and Convenient

Battery-Protect Safe Charging

6 Intelligent Protection Measures

Rapid Home Charging 

A full charge in just 6-8 hours – perfect for home use. Always be prepared with a reliable backup for unexpected situations.

Our charger boasts a compact design, crafted from high-quality PC+ABS V0 Class flame retardant material and featuring a pure PC board transparent side.

Power Up Anywhere

Enjoy universal compatibility and fast charging with our high-powered 3.5kW charger, saving time and making every journey hands-free.


Trust in Fizzenergi’s commitment to quality and precision engineering for a dependable and efficient charging experience.
Fizzenergi’s EV charger is built with overvoltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection and is UL/ETL/CE/PSE certified, ensuring a safe and reliable charging experience.


 A 2-year warranty and 24/7 customer support are provided


Is Portable EV charger compatible with my car?

It works with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

How does the RFID feature work?

Put the owner card on the card reader about 7s, after one “beep”, Swipe mode is done, and then swipe the card over the RFID Reader to begin charging.

Can I use this for commercial purposes? Can I remotely give access to what ever customer I want? Turn it on or off remotely?

Yes, you can manage many functions from the Remain Charged app. Unauthorized users are not allowed to use your charger. The auto-lock feature automatically locks your charger after your charging session ends.

Technical Specification


Charger:                                  AC

AC Power Output:                3.5 kW Max

Rated Frequency:                 60Hz

Voltage:                                  240 Volts 

Connector Type:                   SAE J1772


Cable Length:                          7.5 m

Use:                                           For residential and commercial use

Input Cord:                              NEMA 14-50 /Hardwired

Charging Protocols:               RFID, APP, Plug and Charge

Protection Class:                    IP65

Operating Temperature:      –30 to 50℃(-22 to 122F)

Relative humidity:                  5%-95%


Height:                             350 mm 

Width:                               200 mm

Weight:                            16.55 pounds

Depth:                              120 mm


Connectivity:                         Wi-Fi /4G / Ethernet

User Interface:                     Remain Charged App

Identification:                       RFID / Remain Charged App

Communication Protocol:  OCPP1.6J

 Interested in our portable EV Charger?

Experience the Fizzenergi difference. Get your Fizzenergi 3500W portable EV charger today and revolutionize your charging experience.



4000Wh Capacity |  3600W Output


1228 Wh Capacity |  1500W Output


2116Wh Capacity |  2200W Output


7kW | Smart App Control


7 kW | Portable


11kW | Smart App Control

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