Aplite Series IV

Enhanced Reliability

Experience enhanced reliability with the Aplite S4 Series by Fizzenergi. With lower working current and power loss, a lower temperature coefficient, and high performance in low irradiance conditions, the S4 Series minimizes hot spot effects.

Choose from two versatile installation options, rails or clamps, and enjoy the added benefit of withstanding 5400Pa static load on the front side, even without cross-beam support on the back. Choose the S4 Series for unparalleled performance and durability in any environment.

Pushing the Limits

Revolutionizing Mainstream Solar Systems for Unparalleled Compatibility

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly compatible with existing packaging schemes, container spaces, and logistics methods for smooth operations and cost-effective solutions

Optimal Dimensions for Efficiency

Designed with module sizes and widths within the arm span, ensuring efficient installation, minimized damage risks, and enhanced overall performance

Uncompromised System Compatibility

Achieves maximum compatibility with existing solar system designs without compromising safety and reliability, delivering a harmonious balance of innovation and dependability

Power & Versatility Combined

Boasts increased power output per unit area and reduced BOS costs, while effectively integrating with mainstream 1p and 2p mounting systems, offering the ultimate in flexibility and adaptability

Aplite S4 Solar Module Features

  • Achieve 500W+ ultra-high power output with an outstanding 21% module efficiency.
  • Minimize shading impact with less mismatch and parallel design for optimal performance.
  • Benefit from high density encapsulation, with cell spacing reduced to 0.5mm.
  • Perfect for utility-scale projects, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.
  • Lower internal loss and micro-cracking risk thanks to multi-busbar cells for better efficiency.
  • Enjoy significant BoS savings and a lower LCOE, delivering exceptional value.

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4000Wh Capacity |  3600W Output


1228 Wh Capacity |  1500W Output


2116Wh Capacity |  2200W Output


7kW | Smart App Control


7 kW | Portable


11kW | Smart App Control

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