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Innovation and Quality

Fizzenergi’s Driving Force

Fizzenergi is dedicated to advancing the solar industry through relentless innovation in cell and module encapsulation technologies. Our commitment to optimizing production processes and enhancing quality control measures ensures an ever-growing range of high-quality solar products. Trust in Fizzenergi to lead the way in delivering exceptional solar solutions that cater to your diverse needs.


Patents on production process optimization


Lower production cost


Real time online monitoring


Higher production efficiency


Higher equipment effectiveness


Good product yield rate

100%  Automated Production Line

Discover the unparalleled efficiency of Fizzenrgi’s revolutionary modular and fully automated production lines, designed to deliver products at lightning speed while maximizing cost savings. Our innovative approach divides the entire production chain into distinct yet seamlessly integrated automated sectors, ensuring optimal utilization and efficiency throughout the process.

With over 40 groundbreaking patents dedicated to production process optimization, we’ve successfully eliminated manual errors and elevated the quality of our products. Experience the power of real-time monitoring from raw material inspection to packaging, with every step meticulously recorded for future reference. Dive into the world of Fizzenrgi, where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional production standards, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Real-Time Monitoring System

Imagine having complete oversight of your entire manufacturing process at your fingertips, wherever you go. With Fizzenergi’s state-of-the-art, in-house developed ERP system, you can track every aspect of your manufacturing process, from quality control to delivery, ensuring seamless end-to-end management. Embrace the power of our ERP system and revolutionize the way you manage your business.  









Added Value For Your Business

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

Empower yourself with instant access to crucial production information, such as BOM details, EL reports, and power data, ensuring complete insight into your product's journey.

Effortless Long-Term Tracking

Our unique barcode system enables you to trace your order's entire history for decades to come, providing peace of mind and seamless record-keeping.

Stay in the Loop with Live Updates

Keep a close eye on your order with real-time updates on production status and delivery specifics, allowing you to plan and react with confidence.

Virtual Shop Floor Access

Get a front-row seat to our production process with visual access to real-time shop floor monitoring recordings via our ERP system, right from your office.

Product Roadmap


Q1 Eclipse module launched with 18.23% efficiency
Q2 Dual-glass module launched
Q3 Mono Eclipse 320W module launched with 18.81% efficiency via
PERC cell technology
Q4 DC optimizer module launched, incorporating Solaredge and Tigo
small grid-connected systems (3kW-6kW)


Q1 1500V module launched
Q2 High-reflective ribbon and EVA applied
Q3 Blade module (half-cell technology) launched, up to 2% power
output gain
Q4 5BB cell applied (combined with standard or half-cell module)


Q1 High-efficiency module launched, combined with shingling, half-cell technology using mono PERC cells
Q2 Mini Eclipse module launched
Q3 P-type PERC bifacial module launched
Q4 Smart optimization and shutdown module launched, with
stackable half-cell and bifacial technology


Q1 R&D and mass production of S2 shingled module, and PERC half-
cell bifacial module with transparent backsheet
Q2 R&D and mass production of S3 module and MBB module
Q3 R&D and mass production of HT half-cell module
Q4 R&D and mass production of HT shingled module


Q1 R&D and mass production
of S4 half-cell module
Q2 R&D and mass production of S5 half-cell module
Q3 R&D and mass production
of new encapsulated adhesive film

Discover Profitable Investment Opportunities

Embrace a new era of investment with commercial projects that offer the flexibility of self-consumption or selling to the grid. At the heart of these systems, modules play a pivotal role, and Fizzenergi remains your steadfast partner in this journey. Trust in our unwavering commitment to be a reliable choice you’ll never regret, as we continue to deliver excellence today and well into the future.

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4000Wh Capacity |  3600W Output


1228 Wh Capacity |  1500W Output


2116Wh Capacity |  2200W Output


7kW | Smart App Control


7 kW | Portable


11kW | Smart App Control

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