Meet Fizzenergi Galaxia EV Charger

Electrify your drive

A SmarterCharging Solution

Galaxia EV Charger is a simple, powerful, heavy-duty and portable Electric Vehicle Charging Station which is suitable for normal and cold weather. Compatible with all EVs.

Up to 10X Fast Charging

Achieve Level 2 charging at 10kW, offering up to 10X acceleration - swiftly charge your electric vehicle overnight or during work breaks.

Easy to Install

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, our charger is installable by any electrician, and comes ready with a 17-foot charging cable plus a NEMA 14-50 plug.

Smart & WiFi Control

Leverage the power of the smartphone app, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet to manage your EV charging. Schedule your charging sessions, saving costs and optimizing energy use.

Self-check & False Alarm

Equipped with safety protections and LEDs show charging status.

Monitor &Control fromour App

Use Remain Charged APP to control your EV charger and manage charge times, schedule charging while you’re away, and optimise your charging to take advantage of off-peak electricity.

Certificated forrain, fire and beyond

The Fizzenergi Galaxia is ETL Listed and ENERGY STAR Certified. Boasting an IP65 rating for water resistance and exceptional fire resistance, you can trust its performance and safety.


 A 2-year warranty and 24/7 customer support are provided

Technical Specification


Charger:                                 AC

AC Power Output:                Maximum 10kw/40A

Rated Frequency:                 60Hz

Voltage:                                  240 Volts 

Connector Type:                   SAE J1772


Cable Length:                          5 m

Use:                                           For residential and commercial use

Input Cord:                              NEMA 14-50 /Hardwired

Charging Protocols:               RFID, APP, Plug and Charge

Protection Class:                    IP65

Operating Temperature:      –30 to 50℃(-22 to 122F)

Relative humidity:                  5%-95%


Height:                             350 mm 

Width:                               200 mm

Weight:                            16.55 pounds

Depth:                              120 mm


Connectivity:                         Wi-Fi /4G / Ethernet

User Interface:                     Remain Charged App

Identification:                       RFID / Remain Charged App

Communication Protocol:  OCPP1.6J


How does the RFID feature work?

Put the owner card on the card reader about 7s, after one “beep”, Swipe mode is done, and then swipe the card over the RFID Reader to begin charging.

Can I use this for commercial purposes? Can I remotely give access to what ever customer I want? Turn it on or off remotely?

Yes, you can manage many functions from the Remain Charged app. Unauthorized users are not allowed to use your charger. The auto-lock feature automatically locks your charger after your charging session ends.

Can I control remotely through Internet?

Yes, you can control remotely through internet with Remain Charged app. Charge your EV anytime, anywhere, with our app.

Does the charger come with a NEMA 14-50 plug?

Yes, it comes with a NEMA 14-50 plug. It connects to the charger but you can also choose hardwired installation.

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4000Wh Capacity |  3600W Output


1228 Wh Capacity |  1500W Output


2116Wh Capacity |  2200W Output


7kW | Smart App Control


7 kW | Portable


11kW | Smart App Control

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