E-POLAR 1024Wh Portable Power Station

USD $599.00

  • 1500W AC Output
  • 1024Wh & 1228Wh Capacity
  • 1100W Max. Fast Triple Charging (Solar+AC+Car)
  • High-quality Battery with 1800+ Life Cycles
  • 3 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car)
  • 11 Outputs for Charging Multiple Devices at once
  • 600W Max. Solar Input
  • Portable with Compact Design/ Fast Charging/ Safe & Reliable/ High-Efficiency Power Output
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

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epolar 2116 Wh portable power stations

The 1500W Game Changer

Discover the power and versatility of E-POLAR 1024's high output power and battery capacity. With a remarkable 1024Wh/ capacity and 1500W output power, E-POLAR 1024 is your reliable energy source for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Power All Your Needs with 11 Outlets


2 Type-C Output
100W Max


2 USB Fast Charging
18W Max


2 USB-A Output
12W Max


1 Cigarette Lighter Output


4 AC Output
1500W Max

E-POLAR 1024 offers you unlimited powering possibilities for your devices, including 4 AC sockets, 4 USB ports, 1 cigarette lighter port, and 2 Type-C ports

3 ways to charge your power stations

Fast AC Charging

epolar 2116 Wh portable power stations

Fully recharged in 1.6 hours using an AC Outlet.

Solar Charging

When the sun is shining bright, your E-POLAR 1024 won't be left behind. Harness solar energy with a 600W input, and within 2 hours, your power station will be ready for action

Car Charging


smart display screen

Keep your E-POLAR 1024 charged and ready for action with car charging. Utilize your vehicle's cigarette lighter port to stay energized, no matter where the road takes you.

Expandable Capacity


By group string connection, battery capacity can be expanded(supporting a maximum of 10 group strings), and you can add on extra batteries to reach up to 10kWh. ideal for camping, RVs or off-grid living.

Smart Display Screen

smart display screen

The smart display screen shows 16 function modes with clear viewing, shows the remaining battery capacity, output power, input power, separate USB/Type C/AC output, etc

Battery Protection System

smart display screen

Our Smart Battery Management System (BMS), offering your power station multiple layers of protection from temperature to voltage

Compare The Models

E-POLAR 1024


1024 Wh

Output Power



‎14.37"x 8.27" x 11" inches



AC Input Power


Life Cycles



34 pounds

E-POLAR 2116



Output Power



‎14.37"x 8.27" x 11" inches


Ternary lithium

AC Input Power


Life Cycles



38.8 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the product upon receiving?

There is approx. 25%-60% power when you receive the product. It is recommended to fully charge the product before using it. The product can be fully charged within 2 hours. 

What kind of battery does this product use? How long is the battery service life?

This product is equipped with LiFePO4. We calculate the service life thereof by time. It can still keep approx. 80% of effective capacity after 1500-time cycle use.

What kinds of devices can be connected to the interfaces of the product?

There are 7 DC output ports for connecting mobile phones, unmanned aerial vehicles, computers and other devices. The 4 AC output ports (2 AC output ports for the charging gun version) with rated power of 2200W and peak power of 4400W can supply power to most household appliances. Before using, you shall confirm that the power of the appliance is lower than the rated power of the product.

How to know the running time of the product?

The product has a display screen and a variety of functions, wherein the endurance time under current stable use can be calculated and displayed.

Can the product charge while discharging?

The product can be used while charging wherein the power source is obtained from commercial power.

How to store the product?

When storing in the short term, charge the product to approx. 50% and place it into a dry and ventilated environment. When storing in the long term, it is recommended to carry out a cycle of charging and discharging in no more than 3 months so that the battery power can be kept at about 60% and the service life of the product can be prolonged.

Is the product waterproof?

This product is not waterproof and can not be taken on the plane. Only professional personnel of Fizzenergi can disassemble the product for maintenance.

Notes for charging and discharging

(1)After charging the product for a long time, leave it for about 2 hours and then use the AC output function.

(2)After discharging the product for a long time, leave it for about 2 hours and then charge it.

Additional information

Weight15.5 kg

Voltra(1048), Voltra(1228)


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