Fizzenergi EV Adapter for CCS to Tesla

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  • Supports 500V DC input, and 250kW power, charging your 2022 Tesla Model Y from 20%-80% in just 15 minutes
  • Works with all Tesla Model X, 3, Y, and S vehicles supporting CCS. Check compatibility via the vehicle’s touchscreen controls
  • CE, FCC, UL, IPX5 certified, with Anti-Drop Lock for secure charging. Operational from -22℉ to 122℉
  • Lightweight and compact, fits easily in car storage compartments for charging on-the-go
  • 【Note】: Tesla vehicles built before October 2020 require an ECU modification for CCS support; models built before 2014 are excluded.

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Meet Your Multiple High-Speed Charging Needs

Experience unparalleled charging speeds with Fizzenergi CCS1 to Tesla adapter. Designed to support up
to 500V DC input and an impressive 250kw of charging power, this accessory redefines your notion of ‘fast’.
In just around 15 minutes, you can boost your 2022 Tesla Model Y’s battery from 20% to 80%.
It’s worth noting that the actual charging rate might vary, subject to Tesla’s battery power and the specific features of the charging station.

Comprehensive Adaptation

Our Tesla charger Adapter showcases broad compatibility, fitting seamlessly with all Tesla models X, 3, Y, and S that support CCS. To ascertain your vehicle’s compatibility with our CCS adapter, simply navigate to Controls > Software > Additional Vehicle Information on your Tesla’s touchscreen, or reach out to TSL directly. For owners of Tesla vehicles manufactured before October 2020, an ECU modification will be required to support CCS.


CSS Adapter compatibility


Safety Protection

The Fizzenergi CCS adapter for Tesla represents a gold standard in safety. With certifications from CE, FCC, UL, and an IPX5 rating, we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure your charging experience is safe and reliable. The adapter features an Anti-Drop Lock, so you can confidently secure it to your car while charging. Its capabilities are not diminished by extreme temperatures either, functioning optimally between -22℉ and 122℉. We’ve taken care of the fine details so you can enjoy peace of mind.


Lightweight and Convenient

The compact and lightweight design of our CCS to Tesla charging adapter makes it an essential tool for every Tesla owner. Effortlessly portable, it easily stows away in your car’s cabinet or drawer. Its convenience goes beyond storage – this adapter can come to your rescue, delivering a swift charge when you’re out and about. Always have power at your fingertips with our highly accessible and user-friendly adapter.


Easy Installation

Step 1:Securely push the adapter into the charging port.

Step 2:Connect your CCS Plug to the adapter until you hear a “click”.

Step 3:Wait until the indicator turns green.



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